New in the Netherlands!

with the exotic taste of the Longan blossom

Saenlue Thaise Longan Honing

This special Longan Honey is:


  • good for the resistance and digestion; This honey has +/- 3100 to 3250 enzymes per 100 grams. This is extremely high knowing that many honey from Europe and South American countries contains only 800 to 1200 enzymes per 100 grams.

  • high in quality; 97% single-flowered (longan blossom), contains less sugar because the bees are not fed any sugar water, contains no added sugars, contains a lower water percentage, long shelf life (9 years).

  • free from chemical contamination , because the longan tree plantations are far from any industry, highways or other crops in Northern Thailand. No chemicals, sprays or fertilizers are used on the Logan plantations.

  • exclusive; is hardly available on the Dutch market.

Saenlue Thaise Longan Honing
Saenlue Thaise Longan Honing

3100 -3250 enzymes per 100 grams

97% single-flowered

no added sugar

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