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About Trung Nguyen

In 1996 Trung Nguyen was a small coffee production company in Ban Me Thuoc in Vietnam. At that time, Vietnam was already one of the largest coffee producers in the world, but sold almost exclusively green, unroasted beans on the world coffee market. As a result, they had no control over the final coffee quality.

The highlands of Vietnam is in the top 10 best environments to produce the best coffee beans. Attention is paid to a combination of the correct height, soil quality, natural conditions for the coffee beans to dry and the temperature.

Their passion for coffee made the owners of Trung Nguyen decide to take charge of the entire coffee process themselves. The best growth and production techniques were used to guarantee the high end quality of the coffee.

Not long after, Trung Nguyen started the first Vietnamese franchise chain of coffee shops. Currently, you will find coffee shops of Trung Nguyen everywhere in Vietnam. But not only in Vietnam also in other countries you can already find coffee places from Trung Nguyen.


Now the coffee of the best known, most respected and most successful producer of roasted coffee from Vietnam is also for sale in the Netherlands. Trung Nguyen would like to taste their unique blends to all coffee lovers.

Trung Nguyen has won many awards, both for business and for the excellent quality of the coffee.

All Trung Nguyen coffee farmers are also EUREPGAP and Utz Kapeh certified, which means that they stand for safe and sustainable coffee production. Trung Nguyen's coffee beans grow on smaller farms, using traditional ways of drying the coffee, using the sun and natural processing. Trung Nguyen supports their coffee farmers and offers these fair contracts, so that the farmers always get a guaranteed price for their coffee.

When you buy Trung Nguyen coffee, you help to conserve biodiversity. Trung Nguyen uses Arabica, Robusta, Chari (Excelsa), Catimor, Liberica and other coffee variations, so that they can create the most delicious blends with their unique flavors.


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