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Asian basic sauce | Oyster sauce

Oyster sauce is one of the basic sauces in Asia. It's origine is from China.

Oyster sauce was accidentally invented in 1888 by founder Lee Kum Sheung in Nanshui, Zhuhai, Guangdong. He sold cooked oyster soup and one day forgot he was preparing the oyster soup so while simmering on a low fire the oyster soup thickened into a sauce. The brown colored oyster sauce has a salty, sweet umami flavor.

Cooking vegan? We also have a vegetarian version. The vegetarian oyster sauce is made from shiitake mushrooms. This one is slightly more aromatic and less salty than the traditional oyster sauce. Oyster sauce is known for its use in various wok dishes. Did you know that you can also use oyster sauce for marinating? This also makes the meat slightly softer.

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