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Asian Tapas

Have you ever considered surprising your guests with an Asian Tapas Selection on the menu? Ideal as a starter or as snacks with a drink.

At more and more non-Asian restaurants you will see Asian dishes among the other dishes. Imagine, for example: a selection of various fried dishes such as samosas, spring rolls with a rice vermicelli crust, Vietnamese nems, in addition to a number of steamed dim sum dishes such as Ha Kau, dumplings and Siu Mai, together with gyoza and delicious yakitori.

A number of sauces, chopsticks, everything attractively presented. All Asian Tapas come ready-to-eat from the freezer, so they can be prepared quickly and are specially selected for restaurant quality.

We also supply a variety of vegetarian tapas variants and tapas with HALAL quality mark. Also discover the many possibilities at Nguyen Oriental Foods! Check out our website and do not hesitate to contact us. Call or email us!



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