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Asian Tapas | Dim Sum

Asian food wholesaler Nguyen Oriental Foods has an extensive range of Dim Sum, including Ha Kau, Siu Mai and Gyoza.

Ha kau are delicious steamed Chinese dumplings, made from a translucent soft dough made of flour and water, with a shrimp filling, but can sometimes contain other types of filling such as a vegetarian filling, or shrimp with Chinese chives or chicken. Nguyen Oriental Foods has an extensive range of ha kau.

Besides Ha Kau, Nguyen Oriental Foods also sells other dim sum such as; siu mai. Siu mai is a Chinese dumpling made from minced pork, but it can also contain shrimp or Chinese mushrooms. Siu mai is one of the most popular dim sum, just like Ha Kau. We sell siu mai with pork, shrimp and chicken.

Another dim sum in our range is gyoza. Gyoza is a Japanese dumpling made from a more delicate dough than other dumplings.When you bake gyoza and then boil it in a small layer of water, the gyoza gets a delicious crispy crust.

Nguyen Oriental Foods has a wide range of Gyoza. Have a look at our range of dim sum on our website!

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