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Asian Tapas | Vietnamese nems

Asian Tapas - Vietnamese nems, also known as the traditional Vietnamese spring roll.

Have you ever eaten a traditional Vietnamese spring roll? Then you know that these are different from the Vietnamese spring rolls that you buy here in the Netherlands. Traditional Vietnamese spring rolls, also known as Vietnamese nems, are made from rice paper and not phyllo dough.

This is because rice paper used to be very difficult to find in the Netherlands. The rice paper is also available at Nguyen Oriental Foods, just like the phyllo dough. Nguyen Oriental Foods has a very extensive ready-made range of nems. All prepared according to a traditional recipe, with good quality. In addition to the well-known nems with chicken, pork, shrimp and crab, we also have the vegetarian and halal variants. This delicious apitizer is very easy to prepare and can be combined with other Asian Tapas such as samosas, spring rolls, ...

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