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Basic Asian sauce | Soy sauce

Soy sauce one of the indispensable basic sauces in Asian cuisine!

Soy sauce is a fermented sauce mainly made from soybeans, grain or wheat, water and salt.Nguyen Oriental Food has a wide range of soy sauce mainly with Chinese and Japanese origin.

The Japanese soy sauce can differ slightly per brand in taste due to the amount of the ingredients and production method. In comparison with other soy sauces, the Japanese soy sauce has a slightly lighter taste, which means that it is used in sushi, for example.the fish slightly complements with flavor.Brands such as Yamsa or Kikkoman are recommended for making delicious sushi.

Nguyen Oriental Foods has a Chinese soy sauce range you can choose from light and dark soy sauce from the Pearl River Bridge brand. The light soy sauce is often used in stir-frying rice or vegetables because of its salty taste and light color, a very basic seasoning. The dark soy sauce is a thicker sauce with a lower salt content and a richer and full flavor than the light soy sauce. Often used in marinades and food preparations.

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