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Basic Asian sauce | Soy sauce | Kikkoman

Kikkoman soy sauce conquered the European market around 1973.Kikkoman's soy sauce is brewed according to a traditional recipe.It consists of 4 ingredients namely soybeans, wheat, water and salt.

Nguyen Oriental foods has a wide range of Kikkoman soy sauces.Not only in packaging size, but also other varieties of soy sauces such as the soy sauce with 45% less salt, the tamari sauce (gluten-free soy sauce), .. But we also have the terriyaki sauce from kikkoman in our range. Kikkoman is the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) classified in the special quality class. Kikkoman certainly guarantees good taste and quality!

If you cook Japanese, Kikkoman is definitely recommended.Due to its light and balanced taste, the soy sauce compliments the dish.Ideal for making dips, marinades, wok, ...

Are you looking for other soy sauces or Asian sauces? Check out our website and do not hesitate to contact us. Call or email us!



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