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Bubble tea | Tapioca pearls

Bubble tea pearls are a must for making delicious Asian teas or fruit drinks.

Ever drank bubble tea? Bubble tea is originally from Taiwan. This drink is very popular in America and Asia for a long time. Bubble tea is now also conquering Europe. Not sure what Bubble tea is yet? This drink is made on the basis of tea or fruit syrup with possibly milk.

Usually this is drunk cold with ice, but can also be drunk warm.They then add the tapioca pearls, also called boba pearls.When making bubble tea, you can choose between two types of tapioca pearls: the hard sugared pearls (such as the traditional black tapioca pearls) or the soft fruit pearls.The soft fruit pearls also known as popping boba, they pop open with a fruit flavor when you bite on them.Serve the bubble tea in a tall glass and add an extra wide straw, through which the balls fit.

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