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Desserts | Ché

Chè literally means dessert in Vietnamese.You can find these all over Vietnam.It is similar to Indonesian chendol or Thai sago desserts.

There are several variations of chè. They are often made with beans, tapioca pearls, jellies and fruits topped with coconut cream. In some chè they can use ingredients such as aloe vera, seaweed, lotus seeds, sesame seeds, palm seeds, taro, cassava and pandan extract are also used.

Chè has a sweet taste with a hint of salt. They are very easy and quick to make. Not only is Chè very tasty, but also looks nice because of the colorful combinations that they combine with the ingredients. The popular or best known is the chè ba mau, the three-colored dessert.

In this chè they use yellow mung bean paste, red beans and green pandan strings (which you also find in the chendol) with shaved ice, finished with coconut cream.They serve this in a tall glass with a spoon.An ideal cooling and delicious dessert for warm weather.

At Nguyen Oriental foods you can find the ingredients to make chè. Do not hesitate to contact us, email or call us!



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