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Dish | Bún riêu

Bún riêu is a traditional Vietnamese soup, also known as crab and shrimp noodle soup. There are also variations on this: the traditional one with crab (bún riêu cua), with fish (bún riêu cá) or snails (bún riêu ốc).

The aromatic broth of the bún riêu is based on pork broth, made with crab meat, herbs and tomato. The soup is served with thick rice vermicelli (bún tuoi), water spinach, fried tofu, fish cakes, fish balls and pig's blood. It is finished with coriander, banana blossom, Thai basil, mint, long-leaf coriander (ngò gai) and bean sprouts. The stock is a delicious combination of slightly sweet with a sour touch of tomato.

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