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Dish | Phở soep

Probably you have heard of the famous phở noodle soup. Phở soup is the national dish of Vietnam.

You will find it easily everywhere in Vietnam. The broth has some French influences, but is one of the aromatic broths in all of Asia. In addition to the aromatic clear broth, they use white flat rice noodles. The stock can vary from 2 different flavors, beef (Bò) or chicken (Gà).

In phở bò you have thinly sliced ​​meat and meat balls. The phở gà are sliced ​​chicken meat without balls. As a garnish you have bean sprouts, coriander, Thai basil, long leaf coriander (ngò gai), and mint. You can flavor it with lime, hoisin or sriracha sauce. Did you know you can eat this dish at any time of the day?

Do you want to add phở to your menu or expand your range with it? At Nguyen Oriental Foods you can find all kinds of ingredients. Whether it’s the dry herbs, sauces, noodles or meatballs. Do not hesitate to contact us. Call or email us!



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