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Dish | Vit Tiem

Vit tiem is a delicious noodle soup with roast duck and egg noodles.The broth has some Chinese influences because the broth is seasoned by the Chinese 5 herbs.

This noodle soup is a favorite in southern Vietnam.During the preparation, they first marinate the duck and roast it in the oven or BBQ. It is then cooked with the broth. The stock is a clear brown stock that has a sweet taste. The soup is served with egg noodles, blanched bok choy and shiitake mushrooms.It is finished with coriander, onion and spring onion.

Do you want to add vit tiem to your menu or expand your range with it, you can find all kinds of ingredients at Nguyen Oriental Foods.Whether for the stock, sauces or noodles.Do not hesitate to contact us.Call or email us!



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