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Frozen | Samyang

In addition to the delicious instant noodle soups from SamYang, we recently also have the various types of gyozas and fried rice in our range.

Established in 1961, Samyang Foods Co., Ltd has been walking one path for over 50 years, committed to honesty and trust.Korea's first Ramen was produced in September 1963.

The 60's was a time when most Koreans had to tighten their belts as rice and mixed grains were scarce. Samyang Foods Co., Ltd.'s efforts to overcome the food shortage led to the birth of Korea's first ramen, Samyang Ramen, in 1963. Ramen has become the second staple food in Korea.

After the nation was liberated from starvation by continued national economic growth and with better prospects for food self-sufficiency in Korea, Samyang Foods Co., Ltd took a leading role in improving the diet of the Korean people.

To share our enthusiasm about these delicious products, we have special offers! Don't hesitate to get in touch. Call or email us!



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