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Frozen | Streamed buns

Nguyen Oriental Foods, wholesaler of Asian foods has an extensive range of steamed buns.

Steamed buns originated in China and conquered South East Asia before it became known worldwide.Steamed buns also has multiple names: steamed bun, ba pau, gua bao, mantou and lotus bun.They are easy to prepare in a steamer or in the microwave.The gua bao are often filled with warm meat of your choice with raw vegetables and a sauce.

Nguyen Oriental Foods has a wide range of already filled sandwiches such as the ba pau with variations of fillings such as the well-known ba pau with char sui and also vegetarian variants.We also have a wide choice of mantou sandwiches. Mantou buns are the buns without filling with flavors such as sugar, pandan and grains.Also try the mini mantou, usually white steamed bun without filling.These are also very tasty when, for example, you fry them and then eat them together with condensed sweet milk.

Prefer a sweet bun? Nguyen Oriental Foods has an extensive range of sweet filled buns, such as with cream custard pudding, taro, red bean, lotus and black sesame paste filling for the sweet lovers among us.

Curious about our range of steamed buns? Take a look at our website or do not hesitate to contact us. Call or email us!



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