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Frozen | Vietnamese crab

Nguyen Oriental Foods has a wide range of frozen fish and shellfish, including crab.

The crab we have is imported from Vietnam.

The crab is somewhat blue in color and has a pointed head, which is why it gets the name blue swimming crab. This blue crab is very popular in Southeast Asia. Because of the sweetish taste and the legs that, like the crab claws, are easy to break during preparation. Because it is freshly frozen, the crab maitains its freshness and beautiful white color. You can also see that it is of good quality during the preparation. The crab meat is a bit fluffy and has a slightly sweet taste, just like the fresh crab.

In Vietnam, the crab is called ghẹ xan. They use the crab in various steam and stir-fry dishes. Cua rang me, crab with tamarind sauce is one of the most famous blue crab dishes. In Thailand she is given the name pu maa (ปูม้า). They also use the blue crab in steam and stir-fry dishes, but also in salads made with papaya or sour mango salad.

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