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Instant noodles | Samyang

Samyang Foods Co.Ltd, was founded in 1961. Two years later, Korea's first Ramen was produced. After 50 years, the company is one of the well-known companies of K-Food.

Especially in Europe we can find its noodles and snacks with the famous buldak sauce. The buldak sauce is a perfectly balanced Korean sauce, spicy and spicy. Which is easy to combine with various dishes, whether they are Asian or not. The Samyang instant ramen chicken with buldak sauce is a delicious spicy ramen with sesame seeds and grilled seaweed flakes. Over time, more buldak variations have emerged.Discover them all here at Nguyen Oriental Foods!

Samyang recently also has ready-to-eat frozen products such as fried rice and gyoza. Are you interested in our Samyang products?Are you looking for other Asian foods?View our range on our website.For more information do not hesitate to contact us.Call or email us!



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