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Instant noodles | Vifon

Vifon company was founded in 1963. In Vietnam, this was the first company to produce instant food products. Over the years, Vifon has been exported to at least 80 countries worldwide. Vifon is therefore one of the most famous brands among the instant soups.

The company continues to innovate and focuses on consumer tastes so that everyone can find something at Vifon.At Nguyen Oriental Foods you have a wide range of Vifon instant noodle soups. You have a wide choice of flavors and noodle types! Apart from that, we also have rice noodles from Vifon. Ideal for getting started at home to make your own delicious dishes.

Are you interested in our Vifon products? Are you looking for other Asian foods? View our range on our website. For more information do not hesitate to contact us. Call or email us!



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