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Nguyen Oriental Foods, your wholesaler for Asian drinks!

We offer a wide range of tropical fruit drinks from the Foco and Cock brand.

Just think guava juice, lychee juice, mango juice and much more!In addition, there is a wide range of coconut water and its combined flavors. We also have coconut water and sugar cane juice in our frozen range.We also sell Oishi green tea in different flavors and Yeo's soy milk, chrysanthemum tea and grass jelly drink.

Also view our range of dried Asian tea, with a choice of jasmine, bitter melon, lotus and oolong teas.Also inquire about the Vietnamese coffee in our coffee range!Y ou can also contact us for Asian beers such as Saigon, Sapporo, Chang, Singha and Leo!

Intressted about our range of drinks?For more information, visit our website and do not hesitate to contact us .Call or email us!



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