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Non - Food | Muscle balms

Nguyen Oriental Foods has an extensive range of muscle balms from Asia.

For example Tjing Tjau muscle balm, this is a traditional Indonesian aromatic analgesic balm which has been specially developed for rapid pain relief. Salonpas patches are used for temporary relief of muscle or joint pain caused by strains, sprains, arthritis, bruises and back pain.

Kwan Loong Oil has a cooling effect and can be used for common ailments of the head and muscles. Rheumason Muscle Balm helps relieve symptoms such as back pain, colds, muscle aches and itching from insect bites. Tiger Balm Red can be used for tired, stiff or sensitive muscles after physical exertion. The balm can also be used prior to physical exertion to promote blood flow.

Minyak Gosok Oil is a traditional, versatile massage oil from Indonesia and is used for mosquito / mosquito bites and wounds. Helps to heal these quickly and effectively and also relieves back pain, sprains, muscle pain, burns and insect bites. Balpirik muscle balm red (extra hot) is a strong massage balm for relieving overloaded muscles of the shoulders, neck, back and legs. Also works with stiff muscles.

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