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Noodles - Nguyen Oriental Foods has a wide range of Asian noodles, both in the dry and frozen range

Noodles are an indispensable basic ingredient in Asian cuisine.At Nguyen Oriental Foods you can find all kinds of noodles, both dry and frozen noodles of different brands and sizes.Just think of the aromatic pho soup or tasty pad thai in which they use rice noodles.Or a fresh Vietnamese bun or banh hoi salad with the rice vermicelli.

Nguyen Oriental Foods also has a wide range of mung bean vermicelli, better known as glass noodles because of its transparent color.These are often used in spring rolls and nems.But can also be used to make for example a fresh Thai salad or a spicy Chinese hotpot.

Nguyen Oriental Foods has a wide range of wheat noodles with a choice of wantan, noodle or egg noodles, Japanese somen and soba noodles (also called buckwheat noodles) for all kinds of delicious dishes.

Nguyen Orientel Foods also has a small selection of specialty noodles: Tapioca noodles, bun bo hue noodles, instant udon noodles and Korean sweet potato vermicelli.

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