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Noodles | Glass noodles

Glass noodles are very thin noodles that become semi-transparent after soaking in water. The most famous glass noodles are made from mung bean flour. Some can also be made from yam, sweet potato and tapioca starches.

In cookbooks you can also find the glass noodles under a different name: Chinese vermicelli (lungkow), angel hair, bún tàu (Vietnamese) or woensen (วุ้นเส้น, Thai). The glass noodles are often confused with the thin rice vermicelli, mihoen. They are soaked before use until soft. After that it can be used in cold salads as well as eg. the Thai yam wensen are used. It can be used warm in stir-fry dishes, hotpot or steam dishes. They are also used in the filling of spring rolls or dumplings.

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