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Noodles | Rice based noodles

Nguyen Oriental Foods has a wide range of rice based noodles. These are used in Asian cuisine for making soups, salads, but also in stir-fry dishes.

The rice noodles are made on the basis of rice flour and water. In some cases, it may contain some tapioca or corn flour for added elasticity to the noodles. After cooking, these are white in color and often gluten-free. The most well-known type of rice-based noodles are rice noodles.

They are thin and flat, they are available in 4 different widths: 1 mm, 3 mm, 5 mm and 10 mm. These are available as dry product and some sizes are also available in frozen. Rice noodles are often used in noodle soups, just think of the aromatic phở. Rice noodles can also be used in stir-fry dishes, like the tasty pad thai. For the busy bees among us who are familiar with instant noodle soups, there are also instant soups with rice noodles; a nice change from the regular wheat based instant noodles.

A second type are rice vermicelli, here we make a distinction between thick and thin rice vermicelli. The noodles are round with two different diameters. The thick rice vermicelli, about 1mm in diameter, better known as bùn tuoi in Vietnamese (this is also on the package) or kanom jean (ขนมจีน) in Thai. This type of rice vermicelli is well known in Southeast Asia. It is mainly used with salads or as a side dish with curries and also in spring rolls. You can also stir-fry with this noodle.

The thin rice vermicelli, better known as bihoen, is often confused with glass noodles because of their delicacy.

In Vietnam there is another thin variety, about 0.5 mm in diameter: the banh hoi. Banh hoi is placed in mats to wrap cooked meat or seafood. A lettuce leaf is then wrapped around the banh hoi with filling. The whole is eaten with a dipping sauce.

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