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Paste | Thai red & green curry

The 5 most famous Thai curry pastes are: red, green, yellow, panang and massaman curry.

Here in Europe, the red and green curry are the most commonly eaten of Thai curry's. These 2 curry's are based on shrimp paste, shallots, chilies, lemongrass, galanga, coriander root and garlic. The red curry mainly contains dried chilies, but the green curry is hotter. This is because they use young green chilies, which are much spicier. These two curry's are finished with sweet Thai basil and optional kaffir lime leaves.

The curries can be made with chicken, pork, beef and seafood. The red and green curries are often also used in stir-fries such as fried green curry rice or processed in other dishes such as Thai fish cakes. Some red and green curry's also contain fruit in combination with vegetables. The most famous dish is the red curry with roast duck and lychee.

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