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Rice | New Crop rice

At Nguyen Oriental Foods you can now buy New harvest rice at the beginning of the year.This applies to both the perfumed jasmine / pandan rice and the Thai glutinous rice (ketan or also called sweet rice).

What is the difference between the old and new harvest? Rice is harvested four times in a year. At the first harvest, the rice is young and it is categorized into new harvest. With a new harvest of rice, you have to adjust your preparation a little.The rice absorbs more water during cooking, which can make it sticky. You don't have this with an older crop, they are easier to prepare and are consistent with adding water.The structure with the cooking is therefore slightly drier, making it easier to make fried rice. The rice is also slightly more fragrant with a new harvest.

Are you intrested about our jasmine rice or our other types of rice? Don't hesitate to get in touch.Call or email us!



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