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Rice | Perfumed rice

The most commonly eaten type of rice in Asia is perfumed rice. This kind of rice has a wonderful scent and is a dry-cooking rice.

The rice is very popular because of its unique sweet and nutty smell that is similar to pandan, which is why it is also nicknamed pandan rice. Jasmine rice is also a perfumed rice, the only difference between these 2 types is that the jasmine rice has a flowery smell.

Rice can be found in different qualities and types, this also applies to perfumed rice. The most commonly used perfumed long grain rice is from Thailand, which is known for its AAA quality. If you want to be sure that you have Thai rice, check the packaging that it says 'Thai hom mali'. This literally means Thai jasmine rice. We also have Cambodian rice in our range. This one has a little more bite than the Thai rice.

Also inquire about new or old harvests at Nguyen Oriental Foods! With a new harvest you have to adjust your cooking method because the rice absorbs the water more easily. Are you curious about our perfumed rice or our other types of rice? Do not hesitate to get in touch. Call or email us!

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