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Sauce | Pickled fish and fish sauce

We all know fish sauce, that clear brown sauce. But do you also know the pickled fish sauce, pla raa?

You can find this type of fish sauce from different types of fish. The most commonly used is of the snakehead fish or catfish that is fermented with rice bran or rice flour and with salt. They are put in a large barrel to ferment for at least 6 months.

The pickled fish sauce has a cloudy brown color. The smell of this sauce can be too overwhelming for some, because it smells even more strongly of fish than the regular fish sauce. The pickled fish sauce is commonly used in Asia in Cambodian, Laotian, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine.

After the process of the pickled fish sauce is finished, not only the sauce is packaged separately for use. The fish itself is also partly further processed. You can find these in jars or they are ground into paste form. The pickled fish sauce is popular with the Laos papaya salad, here they sometimes use the pickled fish sauce along with the fermented fish in the salad. But the sauce is also used in various dips or soups.

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