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Spices | Palm sugar

Palm sugar is next to granulated sugar most commonly used in Asia to sweeten dishes and drinks. Like granulated sugar, there are different types of palm sugar.

Depending on the palm species and country of origin, the structure, taste, smell and color can vary. It is advised to use the same palm sugar in the style cuisine as the country's origin. For example when making Thai curry, use Thai palm sugar.

Thai palm sugar consists of palm and coconut sugar. This one has a light brown color, a caramel smell and tastes less sweet than granulated sugar. Palm sugar and granulated sugar are often used in making desserts; palm sugar for the smell and granulated sugar for the taste.

The most famous Indonesian palm sugar is the gula djawa. Gula djawa has a very dark color and has a coffee-like caramel smell. This is because the juice of the palm is heated longer and is caramelized more than the Thai palm sugar.

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